the Ngala Lodge has a message, one that very much appeals to us!

the Ngala Lodge

I am usually quite good at finding good accommodation, but this one beats all our expectations. The Ngala Lodge is a small – 24 rooms, no, 24 suites – hotel at the Atlantic Ocean front, with a fabulous garden, two swimming pools and a great view from the restaurant over that same ocean. Everywhere in the garden are cosy sitting areas, a pergola with comfy sofas or just a thatch parasol with two lounge chairs, to enjoy the breeze, to enjoy a book, or to slave away on this blog. Stairs lead down to the beach, which is clean, and where a wooden platform and curtains protect guests from the high tide and from the sun.

the view from the restaurant, into garden and towards the pool

one of the two pools, for swimming

there are flowers everywhere

in lots of different colours

and pieces of art, surprising you

love this one!

the other pool, more for lingering, if you like

with another subtle piece of art on the side

mask hidden in a tree

and what to think of this dog?

ode to the fire brigade, along the path

and green gardens, in many different ways

fish at the entrance

and this one is staring at you, when you are having your meal

another sculpture, looking out over the ocean

the jetty and the cabins, at the beach

The restaurant is very pleasant, and most importantly, staffed with competent, well trained people. The concept of getting a boiled egg instead of an omelette was mostly alien, the past six weeks in West Africa, but somebody asking “how many minutes?”, that is a striking experience in this part of the world. There is real coffee, instead of Nescafe. In the evening we don’t need to wait one-and-a-half hours, no, after 20 minutes our dinner is being served – both at the same time, and both warm! And I suspect there is a Dutch connection, because the chips are being served with mayonnaise.

Everybody is friendly, everybody tries to be helpful, and not in the subservient way, but as in normal conversation. And like the restaurant staff, everybody seems to be competent, and committed.

But the most wonderful part is that the lodge is plastered with art, paintings on the walls, metal and wooden sculptures, masks, a huge totem, lots of very original pieces obvious, or hidden, in the garden. Wherever you look, you discover yet another subtle piece of art. Really nice!

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you may not always be entirely alone, on the beach…

steps in the ocean

but most of the time it is deserted

steps to the jetty, and further up to the lodge

many art works are illuminated, at night

like this tree with lanterns

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2 Responses to 17 April 2023

  1. Thea Oudmaijer says:

    That’s a very nice discovery at the end of your trip and organised yourself!

  2. Peter Engels says:

    Dear Thea,
    Thank you so much for you compliments.
    This makes me feel great as owner and creator of Ngala Lodge.

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