the view from the balcony od our beach hotel

Although Porto Novo kept on surprising us, and no doubt has more undiscovered potential left, we decided yesterday to return to our beach hotel in Cotonou. The initial plan was to travel on to Ketou, where we would link up with the truck again, but then the truck decided to go south, and spend another two days in Nigeria. And if we have to wait anyhow, we might as well do this is the relative comfort of our familiar breezy balcony – Porto Novo was blistering hot, after all, and mosquito-infested, as it is next to a large lagoon.

We get on well with the Lebanese-Brazilian owner of the hotel, who treats us to a special Lebanese breakfast with labne, zaatar and olives, and is very pleasant company. And I get to work a bit on this diary, which is already a week behind, if not more. If all goes well, we team up with the truck, and the others in our group, tomorrow again. Back to the hard work.

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the beach

and the ocean

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2 Responses to 24 March 2023

  1. Thea Oudmaijer says:

    It’s Nice to be with the group I think but the two of you had a nice week I guess.
    Be prepared for the next challengers 😜

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