Caballitos – reed canoes – on the beach in Huanchaco, our holiday location

A few days holiday on the beach in Huanchaco charges the batteries once more. And provides more photo opportunities.

We have selected Huanchaco, on the coast, as the place where we retreat for a couple of days off. Off from the traveling, off from organising transport, off from taking in more ruins and cities and scenery. A few days doing nothing. Well except updating this travelogue, of course.

all along the beach stalls that sell fruit and ice

Comfortable hotel (incompetent staff, but that aside), swimming pool, and across from the beach. The beach is almost deserted, even on a Sunday. It is too cold to swim for most of us, and too dangerous, too, with all the surfers that this place attracts. But plenty of restaurants serve fresh fish, and that usually helps when it comes to appreciating our holiday.

Nothing to tell, either. Just a few photos.

and next is back to work: Trujillo

but few customers, so late in the season

or perhaps it is just early in the day

not many swimmers, either

surf boards for rent

some bring their own

the pier in Huanchaco

quite long

looking out over the waves

sunset is the big thing here

from each and every angle

but you don’t have much time left

even with (almost) two arms this one didn’t survive the beach

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