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Not all countries included have been completed, and many other countries have not even been included, yet. This site remains a work in progress…


to the South Caucasus

For our latest trip, to Azerbaijan and Georgia, click here

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and also fun: an interview I gave to the website, nowadays called, a site for travelers all over the world. 

Arab Peninsula
For the time being, Qatar and Oman, travel destinations in 2016 and 2017
For the time being, Azerbaijan and part of Georgia, from autumn 2019
Central Asia
We visited the 'Stans', four of them, in Spring 2015
Where we lived and traveled from 1997-2000, and came back in 2017.
Where we travelled, too short, in Dec. 1992
The lion-share of a journey in the Horn of Africa, early 2012.
Where we lived (2000-2003), and returned once more in 2010
Where we lived from 2003-2006, and traveled extensively.
Where we lived for a year, 2006-2007, and where we returned in Autumn 2013.
Where we traveled for eight weeks in autumn 2016
Italy - Sicily
a ten-day trip in October 2015
Where we travelled briefly, for a week, in Dec. 1992
Latin America
Which for the time being covers Mexico, Argentina, Uruguay, and our 2019 Chile and Peru journey
Results from a two week trip in September 2011.
A few days in 1999, and photos only, of Kathmandu and Patan.
My first serious experience abroad (and what an experience it was!), 1986-1987
SE Asia
Our travels in Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia and Thailand in 2011 and 2018, plus Myanmar, in 2000.
SE Europe
our Romania, Bulgaria and Moldova trip (2014), as well Albania, Croatia and Macedonia (1995-1997)
Part of a journey in the Horn of Africa, early 2012.
For the time being, only Istanbul