here, too, some more photos of this southernmost area in Egypt, with its exciting temples and its feluccas on the Nile. Scanned slides, and some have been discoloured somewhat before they got scanned.

Back to Egypt.

the temple van Horus, near Edfu

the columns in the temple of Khnum, near Esna

here, too, the columns are full of text, hieroglyphs

and decorations of the temple walls

the temple of Isis on the island of Philae, near Aswan

entrance to the temple of Isis on Philea

pillars at the entrance of the Isis temple

the remants of the Isis temple

decorations outside the temple of Isis

feluccas on the Nile near Aswan

a felucca on the Nile, near Aswan

another felucca, bird watching

the Abu Simbel complex, with left the temple of Ramses II, and right the temple of Hathor

the temple of Hathor

inside the temple of Hathor, near Abu Simbel

and more wall decorations

wall decorations inside one of the temples

Ramses II, perhaps?; also Abu Simbel

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