The Charewa Cave is perhaps the most distant cave in Mashonaland, NE Zimbabwe, but with a large number of different paintings. The access road (in 1991) was very sandy, and I was constantly worried getting bogged down in my small rented sedan. From the village it is a pleasant 30 minute walk, and a short climb, after which you’ll need your time to admire that large number of paintings, originating from San people anywhere between 200 and 20,000 years ago.

the entrance to the cave, with all its elephants
the elephant calf, detail from the overview above
plumed hunter attacking a young deer (?)
another hunting scene
a bushpig, perhaps? Being attacked, of course
hunters and a group of kudu
same scene, continueing to the right of previous panel
Charewa Cave: white elephant
three rhinoceros behind the white elephant
hunters chasing an elephant
detail of the elephant hunting scene to the left
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