decorated side door to the Church of the Blessed Virgin, Gelati Monastery

The main church of the Gelati Monastery, north of Kutaisi in Georgia (on our way to Svaneti), is the Church of the Blessed Virgin, started in 1106 by David the Builder, who is also buried here. The church is richly decorated with frescoes, dating from the 16th-17th Century. The cathedral was being refurbished when we visited, and many of the frescoes were hidden behind scaffolding. Yet, there is enough to marvel at, in some of the side chapels, so I included this entry to showcase some of the frescoes. Next to this cathedral is the Church of Saint George.

fresco of Christ Pantokrator on ceiling of the central dome

fresco in the apse depicting Theotokos and Archangels Michael and Gabriel

detail of the same

scaffolding obscuring entrance to one of the side chapels

another fresco

fresco over one of the chapel entrances

ceiling of one of the chapels

priest in one one of the chapels

frescoes in the same chapel

more frescoes, in an arch

detail of the same








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