the front of the Church of the Saint Nicholas in Nikortsminda

On the way to Svaneti, and well north of the Motsameta and Gelati monasteries, near Kutaisi in Georgia and popular with visitors, is the less well known Church of the Saint Nicholas in the village of Nikortsminda. This church was built earlier, by King Bagrat III between 1010-1014. Both its outside decorations and inside frescoes – from the 17th C – rival those of the Gelati Monastery churches of the Blessed Virgin and of Saint George, and besides, it is generally a lot less busy than the other complexes. So allow me to present lots of pictures – far too many, I know – of this church.

another frieze, above one of the doors

frieze in the outside wall

extensively decorated door inside the church

with another frieze, above the door

striking fresco inside the church

the brightly decorated dome

another decoration, of a ceiling

frescoes in the apse

and detail of some of the faces

more frescoes

and more, familiar scenes

possibly Queen Tamar, holding up the church?

note the depiction of the horse here

and same animal, quite differently painted here

details of the Last Judgment

another fresco scene

an unusual symbol in the church

and another ceiling decoration

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