Chadwick: girl VII (1975, bronze)

The exhibition “Facing Fear” in the Dutch Museum De Fundatie brought together the sculptures of Alberto Giacometti and Lynn Chadwick. The connection, according to the curator, is the fundamental fear that controlled daily life in the post-war 1950s and 1960s, fear for a worldwide nuclear disaster. Perhaps. For the casual visitor of the exhibition this element of fear is less obvious, and even the connection between the two sculpturers is tedious, to say the least.

Which does in no way diminish the attraction of the exhibition, a collection of some 150 fabulous sculptures, and some sketches and prints. Mostly post-war Giacometti, dominated by the characteristically thin, unpolished bronzes of people, and the occasional animal. And a wide variety of Chadwick works, mainly abstract even though the titles sometimes suggest otherwise.

A revelation!

December 2018

Giacometti: group of sculptures

Giacometti: group of sculptures (2)

Giacometti: dog (1957, bronze)

Chadwick: the stranger (1954, bronze)

Chadwick: dance IV (1955, bronze)

Chadwick: figure I trig (1966, lithograph)

Chadwick: woodblock pyramid (1966, lithograph)

Chadwick: cloaked figure IX (1978, bronze)

Chadwick: maquette for the trigons (1961, bronze)

Chadwick: rising beast (1991, stainless steel)

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