There are not that many roads in Tana Toraja, but should you need a car, and don’t want to be dependent on the annoying tourist guides in Rantepao, you could do worse than contacting Lucas, telp. +62 812 42202887 in Rantepao. He has a reliable car, and is a reliable, good and careful driver. You should be able to agree something like 200,000 – 250,000 for half a day, 300,000 – 400,000 for a full day.

date: November 2013

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  1. Francesca says:

    Hi, I’m Francesca from Rome! I want to know if it is possible rent a private car from rantepao to ampana on 6 January. We need to take ferry boat to Togean Islands on 7 January at 9 o clock am.

    • oudmayer says:

      Hi Francesca, I am sure it is possible to rent a car to bring you from Rantepao to Ampana, but be aware that it is a long way, perhaps not in km’s, but definitely in terms of the time it takes. Most people would consider this a two day journey. As an example, we drove in a private car from Tentana (about half-way) to Ampana, and that took 6 hours solid driving. Enjoy your travels!!

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