Located just outside the Matopo Hills National Park, is Silozwane Cave. This cave, a steep half-an-hour scramble up the hill to a granite shelter, has one of the most varied and beautiful panels I have seen, with hunters and animals, but also with several domestic scenes. Really nice! I couldn’t get enough of this one, also because of the view from high up across the Matopo Hills.

Silozwane Cave: overview panel with hunters, giraffe and domestic scenes
Silozwane Cave: two hunters
Silozwane Cave: detail of the overview, domestic scenes
Silozwane Cave: same, in even further detail
Silozwane Cave: same, woman figurine
Silozwane Cave: same, perhaps a camp fire
Silozwane Cave: hunters and a beautiful giraffe
Silozwane Cave: tall man
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