the tower of the radnice, the townhall, in the Stare Mesto

Just because it is such a nice neighbourhood, I decided to post a few more photos of the old town of Prague, the Stare Mesto, and its main square, Staromestske Square, which I earlier called ‘easily the most attractive square in Prague’. The Stare Mesto stretches from the Karlov bridge east, to Republic Square. Further to the Southeast is the Nove Mesto, the new town.

a cobbled street leading to a smaller square


Charles IV was the big man in Czech Republic, who established much of Prague in the 14th Century

some of the decoration of the town hall’s tower

and more of it

a window, also from the town hall – the radnice

the Mikulas church, one of the two churches around the Staromestske Square

and the other one os the bizarre gothic Tyn church

at the beginning of the Staromestske Square

one of the houses at the square, Dum U Minuty, with attractive sgraffitoed walls

detail of the sgraffito, a technique using two contrasting plaster layers and scratching images in the outer layer

the Staromestske Square, with the horendous Hus monument in the centre

one of the houses surrounding the square

decorated with a member of the fire brigade saving a woman: how tacky can you get?

the Tyn church tower at night

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