Olmec-type head at the Maya site Takalik Abaj

Takalik Abaj – 20 years ago known as Abaj Takalik – is a Mayan site with Olmec history. The Olmecs we know from Mexico, from their characteristic large head sculptures (see for some examples the last Mexican travelogue entry). The site seems to have an astonishingly 2000 years of history, from the 9th C BC to at least the 10th C AD. At the time of our visit it was not a very touristic site, not much having been excavated yet, but this created precisely the atmosphere needed to appreciate this complex. With its grass-covered terraces and pyramids, its altars and its stone heads. I’d be curious to see how it looks now, so many years later.

(we were here in 2002)

the first covered pyramid in Takalik Abaj

another low pyramid or high platform

stone sculptures decorate the edge of the platform

monkey-type stone sculpture

another big stone head

and a frog-like head

Mayan decorations along one of the platform edges

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