02 Feb. 2010

This is a test. Having just created this page, I now need to see how it looks, with a first real piece of text. I have never done this before, blogging. I used to send the occasional email, with an update of how things were going, what we were up to, but that was to a selected audience only. I suppose I really need to be careful what I write now, as everybody could potentially read this – not just selected friends and family who I have chosen to copy, like I did in the past. No more silly jokes the, that can be mis-interpreted, no more off-the-cuff comments that may inadvertedly be misconstrued as offensive.

But hey, it is 2010, and a bit of a traveller maintains a blog these days, so let’s see how this goes. My guess is that those who will read this are still a selected audience, of friends and family, who I have told about this page.

next: the idea



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