Welcome to theonearmedcrab

This is a site about travelling – not so much the beach holidays and city trips, but more travelling of the (semi-) adventurous sort, independently. We want to share our experiences, and give you an impression of some of the places we have been to, through text and pictures. To help you decide whether to go, to help you prepare  if you have already decided, or to provide you with an armchair travellers experience if you have no intention going anywhere soon.

There are desciptions of locations, short sketches about some of the places we have been to. And we carry some longer articles, as well as travelogue-style blogs, All of this you can access from The Travels or from the individual country pages under The Map. Sometimes we visit the odd exhibition or museum, outside a specific journey, or do we write about a book unrelated to our travels – but still linked to travelling, of course. And I keep on adding content, the latest of which you’ll find under What’s New?