In 2011 we traveled for ten weeks, from mid January to end March, through Indochina – Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam. We kept a travelogue-style blog, Travel in Indochina, which for the time being is hosted elsewhere. The Cambodia part  can be found under the February archive of this blog, and goes from Kratie and Phnom Penh via Kep, Battambang and Prek Toal to Angor Wat, and then to Vinh Xuong at the Vietnamese border.

Click here to access the Indochina blog.

A reading list on Indochina is included in the blog, but is reproduced here.

Individual location sketches can be accessed below.

Prek Toal
Delightful boat trip through a nature reserve and through Cambodian back gardens.
A dusty town, with Cambodia's only winery and only Bamboo Train!
Phnom Penh
Cambodia's capital city has it all, in small doses: a great place with a great atmosphere.
This battered sea-side town does not attract the crowds.
Quiet but pleasant town on the Mekong,  for river trips, birds and dolphins.
Angkor Wat
One of the most spectacular temple complexes in the world.
Silver Pagoda murals
A 100-year-old series of Buddhist murals