Here you’ll find short descriptions of a number of places visited during a week-long trip in 2006, when I crossed the island of Flores from West to East.

fisherman in Ende, halfway the island of Flores

Labuanbaju to Larantuka

The account of the journey itself, with lots of photos, and links to the same locations, you can access here.

Komodo NP, Flores
An excursion to the Komodo National Park, with Komodo dragons!
Labuanbaju, Flores
A sleepy fishing village in Flores.
Todo, Flores
A traditional village of the Manggarai hill people
Bajawa, Flores
A string of traditional Ngada villages near Bajawa, on Flores
Kelimutu, Flores
The Kelimutu volcano on the island of Flores, with three crater lakes
Inland market town, makes a good base