Mysterious burial place adorned with stelae full of symbols.
Arba Minch
A town located in the Ethiopian Rift Valley, overlooking Lake Chamo.
Ethnic Minorities
Tribal minorities in South Ethiopia, and the authenticity question.
South Ethiopia village
Just a random village, to show off some pictures of rural life
A market town at the cross-roads in Southern Ethiopia.
Jinka is the base for visiting the Mago National Park and the Mursi.
Mago National Park
A sad affair, but good for birds, and for the Mursi.
Key Afar
Market town with souvenirs, but also many tribal people.
A small town in Hamar country, with little reason to stay, except for the hotels.
Market town with a large attendance of Hamar people, and the usual tourist traps.
Steaming river-side town in the heartland of the Dasanech people.
Beautifully located village of the Karo, well prepared to benefit from tourism.
Pleasant lakeside town with an interesting fish market.
Lake Ziway
Accessible lake in the Rift Valley, with a rich bird life.