In 2011 we traveled for ten weeks, from mid January to end March, through Indochina – Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam. We kept a travelogue-style blog, Travel in Indochina, which for the time being is hosted elsewhere. The Laos entries can be found under the January and February archive of this blog, and cover Luang Prabang, the Nam Ou River, Phongsaly, Ban Tang, Udomxai, Luang Nam Tha and Muang Sing, as well as Vientiane, Tha Kaek, Champassak, Don Khone and Dong Kralor, at the Cambodian border. Click here to access the Indochina blog.

woman collecting river weeds

travel in SE Asia

We briefly returned to Laos, to visit the Plain of Jars, as part of our SE Asia journey in January 2018, when we also traveled to China, Vietnam and Thailand.

I wrote a Dutch-language article for a writer’s competion (Dutch ‘Boekenweek’, 2014) on the Nam Ou, a tributary of the Mekong, which I share here, too – in Dutch, of course…

A reading list on Indochina is included in the blog, but is reproduced here.

Individual location sketches can be accessed below.

Muang Sing
A touristic village in the Northeastern Laos, good for visiting minorities.
Luang Nam Tha
Village in Northeastern Laos, for exploration of minorities and country side.
Ban Tang - minorities
Traditionally dressed minorities in Northern Laos.
The mountain village where modern times hasn't arrived yet.
Nam Ou (Ou River)
Unique river trip in a pristine natural environment.
Pak Ou caves
Buddhist-sculpture packed caves along the Mekong River.
Luang Prabang
The old, peaceful and relaxed, capital of Laos on the Mekong.
Don Khone
Island group upstream of a major waterfall in the Mekong River.
An active Buddhist temple complex on the banks of the Mekong River.
The sleepy capital of Laos with plenty of old, atmospheric buildings.
Laos ethnic minorities
Some photos of ethnic minority people, or hill tribes, in NE Laos