Chile's compact and lively capital city
Quiant but fabulously atmospheric port city
Vina del Mar
a beach resort with not much to offer, except a great museum
La Serena
another beach resort, with interesting sites like Coquimbo and Tongoy nearby
Paso San Francisco
the Chilean side only, of one of the scenic Andean passes
Caldera & Puerto Viejo
with Copiapo as base, to some of the Pacific beaches west of here
NR Pinguino de Humboldt
a trip to the island of Chanaral, for the wildlife
Vicuna and the Elqui Valley
a pleasant town near the hippy-esque, grape growing valley
Ovalle and the Hurtado Valley
spectacular valley, disappointing town, and the petroglyphs of the Valle del Encanto
small town Chanaral, good for an overnight stop
contrary to expectations, this port city has enough to offer
nice town representing Chile's ancient salpeter industry
Humberstone museum town
Chile's salpeter town museum, including the Santa Laura facilities
Cerros Pintados
most extensive geoglyph site in the Atacama desert
derelict fishing village with a great salpetre past
Chile's northernmost town, with an extensive mummy collection
Lauca National Park
a one-day tour to this high altitude Andean NP