rural scenery in NE Slovakia

With the Corona pandemic still dominating the world, and the travel options, we selected another travel destination withing reasonable driving distance from home. Slovakia is such destination, 10 hours, and the logical continuation of our earlier, also Covid-induced, Czech Republic trip. Not having seen that much of Eastern Europe – or should I call it Central Europe? -, this small, humble country turned out to be a gem to be discovered, with a wide variety of attractions.

the Slovakia & Hungary blog


The blog associated with this trip, which also incorporated Hungary, can be accessed here. The location entries, below, have been derived directly from the blog.

Slovakia's compact capital city
the ecclesiastical capital of Slovakia
Nitra and Brhlovce
a non-descript market town and a cave village
Banska Stiavnica
an attractive in its own right, enhanced by its mining history
a decorated wooden village, at the end of the Turiac Valley
the Orava region
a region with castles and churches, wooden houses and an industrial heritage
picture-perfect UNESCO World Heritage Site village
nice, if somewhat run-down, medieval town
the Spis region
an area dominated by a castle and a cathedral
attractive old town surrounded by wooden churches
lots of wooden churches, and a link to the Dukla Pass
Slovakia's second-largest town, with a nice old centre