nationalism, anyone? or just colourfulWe traveled in Indonesia, for three months at the end of 2013, a journey which we captured in a blog, which you can access here.



Earlier, we spent a year, from July 2006 to July 2007, in Banda Aceh, at the western tip of Sumatra. I kept some notes and wrote some letters during this time, which I have brought together in what I call the Aceh Diaries, here.  

fisherman on Danau Maninjau, a crater lake on Sumatra

Berestagi to Bukittinggi

fisherman in Ende, halfway the island of Flores

Labuanbaju to Larantuka

During the year in Aceh I made two longer trips. In December 2006 I traveled from North to West Sumatra, a trip I captured in the article Berestagi to Bukittinggi, with links to the Sumatra locations. Two months earlier, in October 2006, I visited Flores, also in Indonesia, a trip I describe in the article Labuanbaju to Larantuka, again with links to locations.


From the blog, and our time in Aceh, we have written up some of our experiences in location-style short pieces and pictures, which we have organised by island (click on the pictures below), to keep things managable. To avoid duplication, some locations refer back to the blog entries for more extensive coverage.

There is also a fairly extensive reading list for Indonesia.

locations from a 2006 trip to Flores
from Jakarta to Surabaya, from the 2013 journey
Banjamarsin and the Mahakam River, 2013
Pulau Madura
a day's visit, including the Kerapan Sapi, in 2013
part of the 2013 Indonesia journey
from our year in Aceh and Sumatra, 2006-2007
locations and sub-locations from east to west, in 2013