From time to time we visit museums and exhibitions. Sometimes this is as part of our regular travels, and covered in the travelogues; sometimes it is just as a side trip to a museum, or a special exhibition, in other words, a stand-alone experience. When we like what we see, we publish a separate entry, hoping you’ll find it, and enjoy it, even if you haven’t seen it in real life – or perhaps you have, and want to see it again.

To make thing manageble I have – so far – subdivided this Gallery section in three specifically arts-related categories: Museums and Exhibitions in the Netherlands (all stand-alone entries), European Exhibitions and Museums, and Latino-American Arts Museums. To facilitate the other museum descriptions on this website, there is a fourth category, Ethnographic and Archaeological Museums, almost always part of a travelogue, as well.

Please note that many museums do change their collections, of course, and exhibitions are temporary, and may have gone by the time you see this.

Museums in The Netherlands
entries on various art museums and special exhibitions in The Netherlands
European Museums
impressions of some of the known - and unknown - European museums and sculpture parks
Latino-American Museums
our favourites from some of the museums visited in Central and South America
Ethno-/Archaeo- Museums
the highlights of some of the ethnological and archaeological museums we have seen around the world