From time to time we visit museums and exhibitions, not always part of our regular travels. When we like them, we publish a separate entry, hoping you’ll find it, and enjoy it, even if you haven’t seen it in real life – or perhaps you have, and want to see it again. Many museums do change their collections, of course, and exhibitions are temporary, and may have gone by the time you see this.

Anthony Gormly in Voorlinden
A thought-provoking exhibition of this genius British artist in Dutch Museum Voorlinden (Summer 2022)
Voorlinden Museum
Fabulous modern and contemporary art museum in Wassenaar, The Netherlands
Groninger Museum
great regional Dutch museum, with 1920s art collective De Ploeg
Facing Fear in De Fundatie
another fabulous show - Giacometti and Chadwick - in this Dutch museum (autumn/winter 2018)
Boijmans in Ahoy
A unique drive-thu exhibition of collection pieces from Museum Boijmans van Beuningen in Rotterdam (Aug. 2020)
The Gurlitt Collection
A selection of paintings from this famous, and controversial collection, exhibited in Bern and Bonn (early 2018)
Expressionism in De Fundatie
great exhibition of German expressionists in Museum De Fundatie, Zwolle, NL
Castle Nijenhuis
2de location of Museum De Fundatie, Zwolle, NL, with more paintings, and great sculpture garden
Museum De Fundatie
Lovely museum in Zwolle, NL, mostly modern and contemporary art
Karel Appel
Retrospective in the Gemeentemuseum in The Hague (2016)
Museo Nacional Belles Artes
Buenos Aires Fine Art Museum with brilliant Latin American collection
Miro in York (UK)
A rare exhibition of Miro sculptures, in 2012 in York (UK)
Chagall in Brussels
fabulous exhibition of Chagall's work, much of it from private collections
Scot. Nat. Gallery of Modern Art
great collection of well-known and lesser known artists
The Hague: beautiful building, great collection, especially Mondriaan
Rothko in The Hague
great overview exhibition of Mark Rothko (2014/2015)
Christo in Oberhausen
Christo's Big Air Package in Oberhausen, Germany
Kroller-Muller Museum
modern paintings and sculptures in The Netherlands
Museum Beelden Aan Zee
sculpture museum in The Hague, The Netherlands
Modern art from Latin America, In Buenos Aires