During our Horn of Africa trip, mostly Ethiopia, in February-March 2012, we kept a travelogue in blog-style, with many photos. For the time being, this is hosted elsewhere. We also crossed into Somaliland, for a few days.  The Somaliland entries are Wajaale, Hargeisa, Hargeisa (2), Las Geel and Berbera, under the March section of the blog archive.

To the Somalia Blog: In the Horn of Africa

Woman in Berbera

Woman in Berbera


There is also a Dutch-language article, written after we came back.


Below the short location sketches, and a more general entry about Somaliland for those who are unfamiliar with the difference between Somalia and Somaliland.

The self-declared independent Republic of Somaliland.
Las Geel
The rock art galleries of Somaliland.
Unpretentious would-be capital of the country with the friendliest people ever.
Run-down, but charming port city.