‘Reader in an Arm Chair’, a sculpture somewhere along a street in Prague

Although we are not finished yet with adventerous travels to far-away countries, the Corona crisis of 2020 temporarily puts a stop to long-distance travel. At least for us, I have no intention to get with 300 other people into an aircraft and share that small space for the next several hours with God knows who. But the tavel bug is at least as insistent as the Covid-19 virus, so as soon as the borders in Europe opened, we decided to take a trip locally, to a new location we had not previously visited. Which was the Czech Republic, barely seven hour’s drive from home.

The blog associated with this trip you can access here. Some of the main towns we visited have been added as locations at the bottom of this page.

Czech Republic's exciting capital, without tourists!
Karlsbad & Marienbad
the fin de siecle health resorts in West Bohemia
Pisek & Prachatice
two of the Medieval towns in South Bohemia
Cesky Krumlov
South Bohemia's most important tourist attraction
Trebon & Pelrhimov
two more enchanting South Bohemian towns
Telc & Slavonice
two of the Medieval towns of South Moravia
Valtice & Lednice
former Lichtenstein dominion in the wine growing area
Moravsky Kras
Czech Republic's most important caves, near Brno
Olomouc & Brno
A student town, and Czech Rep's second largest town, in Moravia
The Beskydy
In the far-east of the country, famous for its wooden churches
Hradec Kralove
the main town in East Bohemia, with spectacular Cubist architecture
Cesky Raj
the oldest and most famous nature reserve, north of Prague
Liberec & Litomerice
two attractive towns in the NW of the country
the Nazi prison and concentration camp, the Ghetto of WW II
lovely small Czech town, with castle and cobbled square