We spent two months, February-March 2012, traveling through Ethiopia (and Somaliland). We kept a travelogue in blog-style, with many photos. For the time being, this is hosted elsewhere. To the Ethiopia Blog: In the Horn of Africa

For some impressions of individual locations in Ethiopia, we have split the country in three: the Northern Circuit – classical Ethiopia -, the Rift Valley and South Omo River – tribal Ethiopia -, and the Afar Region and the North East – the Ethiopian Desert. Access is through the boxes below.

There is also a reading list for Ethiopia, reviewing some of the books we read ahead of, and during our trip.

Northern Ethiopia
Addis Ababa and locations in North Ethiopia, the historical circuit
Southern Ethiopia
locations along the Rift Valley and the South Omo Valley
North-East Ethiopia
desert locations in the Afar Region and around Harar