From Summer 2003 to Summer 2006 we lived in India, and used this opportunity to travel the country. I have started to add content in the form of locations, of which more will be appearing as soon as get my earlier photos scanned.

PageLines- 0500_5.PatBeach.JPGPageLines- 0500_73.Nagapattinamboys.JPGOne of the events that we experienced was the December 2004 tsunami, that hit the South Indian coast, and dominated quite a lot of my professional life afterwards. I wrote about it, immediately after the tsunami (see first article), and when I went back again, four months later (see second article), and took some photos.


We also traveled extensively in India, during our stay. One of the most memorable trips was the one to Ladakh, in July 2005, across some of the highest mountain passes in the world.

Taj Mahal
Agra is home to India’s prime tourist site, the magnificent Taj Mahal.
Surajkund market
Colourful cultural event just south of Delhi.
An attractive impromptu fish market in Tamil Nadu
An old Maharaja’s capital, with an extravagant palace
Keoladeo Bird Sanctuary
An oasis of peace and silence - except for the birds.
Land’s End of the Indian Subcontinent.
Fatehpur Sikri
A fabulous 16th Century city complex, abandoned.
Dasara Festival
Fabulous celebration of a major Hindu festival
Capital of Madya Pradesh, and close to the Sanchi Buddhist complex
Bhimbetka Caves
India's preeminent rock paintings, which we visited in 2005.
A crumbling fort and palace, former Jat stronghold.