one of the most catching images in the Boijmans in Ahoy exhibition, a Bear from Marijke van Warmerdam

A unique drive-thru exhibition in Rotterdam, and a great experience (August 2020)

Museum Boijmans vand Beuningen, Rotterdam’s foremost arts museum, is closed for renovation until 2026. The large Rotterdam events hall Ahoy had to cancel all large scale events because of Corona. And then somebody came up with the bright idea to organise a drive-thru exhibition of Boijmans top pieces in one of the halls of Ahoy. Brilliant!

“Breath, Walk, Die” (2014), Ugo Rondinone – although the colours don’t really show in this picture

There are paintings, there is an impressive and highly varied sculpture gallery, there are large screens showing a range of video art. And lots of installations, of course, standing and hanging. In your electric car, which you can borrow from the organisation if you don’t have one yourself, you find your way between the art works, at snail’s pace, together with around 20-30 other cars. Ocasionally stopping to take your time to admire, or even backing up to get a better view. Or turning the car towards the art work, to light it with your headlamps. If somebody else hasn’t done that already, from another car. It is a fabulous experience, even if videos and installations is not really your thing – as is the case with me. I thoroughly enjoyed the trip, which took us well over an hour in the for the rest dark and silent Ahoy hall.

I have put a few pictures together, and a short video, to get an impression of this unique exhibition. Do go and have a look, if you can, before 23rd Aug. 2020. And do scroll all the way down to the video, for an impression, if you are too late.

this pyramid is called “Collectie op Zuid” (Collection on South, a Rotterdam neighbourhood), from Bas van Beek (2019-2020)

another view

and consists of many small aquariums

“D’red Dwarf, B’lack Hole” (2010), Jim Shaw

the sculpture gallery, imposing and extremely varied

Santaclaus perhaps? – I don’t know which sculpture this is

“Il Cavaliere” (1947), Marino Marini

and another one that I don’t know the title of

and several more sculptures

a Venus Victrix (1916) from Renoir



“Pioneers” (1993), from Helena van der Kraan

“Green Bags” (1999-2000) from Olaf Nicolai

“Bunkhouse” (2008), Paul MCarthy

same thing, a bit closer

“Horse” (1986), Helena/Axel vd Kraan

and the projection of the horse, next to “Start a New Art World”, from Ad de Jong (2007)

and “Tweevleugel” (Twin wings) from Panamarenko (1974)

“Screwarch” (1982) from Claes Oldenburg and, hanging, “Badboat” (2005), by Studio Wieki Somers

“L’Ange du Foyer” (2019), Cyprien Gaillard

which changes shape every moment (see also the video)

same thing, a hologram with a fan, it looks

and to close, “Bear” (1997), from Marijke van Warmerdam; the exit is in between the two screens

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