another red-crested cardinal

close up of the fork-tailed flycatcher

and full view of the a fork-tailed flycatcher

During our visit to Esteros del Ibera, as part of the Agentinian Mesopotamia trip in December 2022, we saw lots of different birds, and lots of birds for the second or the third or the forth time. Resulting in 100s of photos, of course. A selection of the best pictures is already included in the story I wrote about the trip, but I have many more, which I like to share. I am not an experienced ornitologist, don’t know much about birds, but enjoy watching them, for their colours and their often graceful movements. I have tried to find the right names for the pictures included, but by no means claim to be correct every time – so if you know better, do react to this post with improvements, and I’ll try to accomodate. For the rest, just enjoy the photos.

southern lapwing, tero tero in local language

saffron-yellow finch

vermillion flycatcher

great kiskadee, locally called benteveo

a heron gracefully landing

a wattled jacana, perhaps?, quite common here

black ibis?

also an ibis, aparently called black-faced ibis


another type heron, graceful with its tail

this could be a slaty-breasted wood-rail

this, aparently, is a black-bellied whistling duck – not just a duck

woodpecker for sure, this one a West-Indian woodpecker

giant wood-rail, anybody?

another heron

gracious water bird, not sure about the name

a pale-breasted thrush, perhaps


a hawk taking off (or another bird-of-prey)

there he is again, the West-Indian woodpecker

another duck tribe

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  1. Thea Oudmaijer says:

    Very Nice pictures Bruno and what’s in a name!!

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