In addition to the White lady rock paintings in the Brandberg (of which I have posted the photos here), there are several other, more difficult to find rock shelters with San paintings – the San are commonly referred to as Bushmen. With a sketch map found in a travel guide at the time – this was in 1991 – I managed to find five more locations.

the sketch map I copied from an out-of-print guidebook

This entry covers some of the photographs I took at the Ostrich Shelter, the Jachman Shelter and the Hottentott Shelter, and a few more minor minor locations, often just supporting a few paintings only.

a row of antelopes, also in the Ostrich Shelter
and more antelopes, in bright colours (also Ostrich Shelter)
a man with a bow, in what is called the Jachman Shelter (which translates as Hunter’s Shelter)
a cheetah, perhaps (?), being hunted, in the Jachman Shelter
two people, man and woman, in the Jachman Shelter – earliest documentation of domestic violence?
this is the entire panel of paintings in the Hottentott Shelter, the last one I found with my sketch map
and another detail, a great rendering of a giraffe
detail of the panel, four dancers
outside the main panel of the Hottentott Shelter I found a painting of what looks like warriors
and several antelopes, also Hottentott Shelter

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