Should you need to get your visa extended whilst in Northern Sulawesi, Gorontalo is a much better option than Manado: a smaller, less busy immigration office, and easier to find a sponsor. Visas can be extended in 24 hours, and Wahab Tirtawinata can help, telp. +62 853 98727779 or +62 853 42133888 and email: Wahab is also providing travel services to the Togian Islands, check out his website

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2 Responses to Visa extension and travel agency in Gorontalo

  1. Gayle Tyson-Whittaker says:

    Selamat pagi, bisa minta- bisa dapat visa extension 20 hari sebelum 60 day visa expires?
    Saya akan tiba dari waikai tanggal 4 november. 60 day visa selesai tanggal 24 November tetapi saya harus ke pulau Air dan jemput anak saya tanggal 10 november untuk 2 minggu.

    • oudmayer says:

      Hi Gayle, I am not sure, but I think your visa extension only kicks in after your initial visa has expired. Try to contact Wahab, by email or telephone, he maybe able to help (contact details in the post you commented on). Good luck, Bruno

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