the ramp leading onto the roof of the Vellamo museum in Kotla

On the way to Poorvo we also briefly stopped in Kotla, to admire the building of the local Maritime museum, called Vellamo, which is supposed to represent a wave of steel and glass. Weather had turned ugly again, so pictures are poor, but the building in indeed a tribute to architectural ingenuity. With from one side a walking path from ground level all the way to the roof, and on the other a metal construction that indeed resembles a breaking wave. No time to go inside, but a quick glance shows that here, too, the design is revolutionary.

the museum is spectacular structure of steel and glass (not such nice weather, unfortunately)

from the back it looks like a breaking wave

inside, maritime exposition, indeed

but I like the design more

We arrived at Porvoo, or rather, the comfortable hotel and spa complex, late afternoon, too late to go into town. So instead, we enjoyed a series of real hot sauna, jacuzzi, steam bath, thunder shower, infrared room, aromatic sauna, swimming pool, and 38o C bath (we omitted the 12o C bath), the spa component of our hotel. After which we enjoyed a sumptuous meal with reindeer, goose and mushrooms in the restaurant part of our hotel.

Next day it still rained, so we skipped Porvoo all together, and went to leisurely catch our ferry to Tallinn. Our ferry? We boarded a huge floating shopping mall, instead, three floors of hypermarket. There are people who just travel to Tallinn and back to buy supplies, you know, from food to cloths to whatever else is available in this shopping paradise. At, admittedly, significantly cheaper prices than what you pay in Finland. But then, Finland is extremely expensive, in everything.

outside, too, maritime objects to admire

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