the defining art work of the Padvale Art Park, ‘the Sky Chair’, by Estonian Villu Jaanisioo

The Pedvāle Art Park, near Sabile, warrants a separate entry to this blog, because there is a great variety of art works – sculptures, all made to be exhibited outside. There is quite a bit of stone, or stone and metal, no doubt influenced by Ojars Feldbergs, the sculpturer who is the brain behind the park and runs the workshops that provide material for the ever changing exhibition. But there is also enough experimental work, of a variety of materials, that look original and authentic enough.

the map, with the two circuits with sculptures

Obviously, most of the artists are Latvian – actually, ‘most of the artists’ is Ojars himself, who is probably responsible for about half of the sculptures -, Estonian and Lithuanian, but there also quite a few Americans who lend their talents, as well as an Indian and a Japanese sculptor. The occasional Europeans from ouitside the Baltics make up the rest; I even spotted work from a Dutch artist.

We only circled the main route, where the majority of sculptures are; a lower part, geographically, with another twenty or so works we skipped, because of time pressure on our programme for the rest of the day. In fact, the upper route was sufficient to get a good impression of the collection, of which I share a few examples hereunder.

NextL Liepaja.

a bit weird, ‘Land Table’, from Tamsie Rigler from the USA

‘The beginning of Everything’, by Indian Udeya Vir Singh

‘Northern Wind’, by Carl Billingslay, also USA

I couldn’t find the name/artist of this one back, very prominently present in the middle of the field

‘Snake’, from Latvian artist Pauls Jaunzems

‘Requiem’, also Latvian, by Ojars Bregis

‘Divine Necessity’, by Igor Dobicins, also from Latvia

‘Crossbeam’, by Mindaugas Navakas (Lithuania), with several other sculptures in the back

‘Sekimori Ishy, by American Daniel Postellon

another work I like, but cannot find back in the list

‘The Cosmocentric’, from Latvians Maria Folkmane and Ivo Folkmanis

and I love this one: ‘Nature Screen’, by Latvian Ojars Feldbergs, with a view to further sculptures across the river

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