Carving of the face of Jayavarma VII, by far the most prolific builder among the Khmer rulers

One of the most spectacular temple complexes in the world.

If people say they have been to Angkor Wat, they have usually been to much more than that. Angkor Wat itself is just the largest, and most elaborate temple in a truly overwhelming complex which contains many, many more buildings, from the well restored exquisitely carved temples and towers to crumbling ruins overgrown by jungle. Wandering around this complex is a fabulous experience.

Best way to do Angkor Wat is to base yourself in Seam Reap, five-ten minutes away, and hire one of the tuk-tuks for a couple of days – however many you need – to tour the complex. There are so many temples, one can easily spent a week or more, especially if the exquisitely carved Banteay Srey is included.

A lot has been written about this place, much better, more focused and much more detailed than I can do, so suffice to show some pictures.

View of the main Angkor Wat temple

Monks around the outer rim of the main Angkor Wat temple



Bas-reliefs along the gallery, this one depicting hell

Temple window

Bas-reliefs of two of two dancers

Stone-carved guards at one of the entrance gates of the Angkor Thom complex

Scene of daily life centuries ago – not much different from today’s rural Cambodia

Entrance gate to the Angkor Thom complex

Another bare-breasted bas-relief of a dancer

Apsaras (dancers) above a door in one of the lesser temples

Apsaras (dancers) above a door in one of the lesser temples (detail)

Series of doorways in one of the lesser temples

Sculptures in the Banteay Srey temple, a hour north of the Angkor Wat complex

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