the pottery man in the market of San Francisco El Alto

San Francisco El Alto is indeed high, located on a hilltop at some 2600 m. It is a small town, not particularly interesting – until Friday! Friday is market day, creating the what is claimed by some to be the biggest market in Central America. The town is flooded with village people from far into the surroundings, trading everything from animals and textiles to fruit and vegetables, pottery and whatever you can think of. They, in turn, have to eat and drink, for which a whole industry of foodstalls has been created. Great place to wonder around, and take pictures!


volcanos surround San Francisco El Alto, too

the town square taken over by the market

market stalls in front of the church

brightly coloured vegetables

one of the market women

and two more market women

the pottery man, once again, in between his pots

hats, too, as abundantly available

market ware being transfered

more transfers

food stalls doing brisk business

baskets, empty for the moment

the cattle market

walking the pigs

scrambling for food

not all animals survived the market

cloths for sale, from the verandah

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