Woman in a canoe

Woman in a canoe Details

Pleasant border town in the Mekong delta, to observe life on and along the river

The first Vietnamese town of any significance, when coming down the Mekong River from Cambodia, is Chau Doc. Dusty, bit of a border town atmosphere, but pleasant enough for an overnight stop. Many of the hotels are on the waterfront, and a couple of hours on the terrace provides entertainment from river life as is passes by: fishermen in canoes, small-scale ferry operators, and larger wooden barges mostly transporting rice husk.

Fisherman throwing his net

Fisherman throwing his net Details

Backwater channel in Chau Doc

A trip on the many canals allows visiting many other attractions: fish farms, villages, floating markets, or just passing through the many waterways in and around town, past corrugated iron houses on stilts.

Corrugated iron houses on stilts along the Chau Doc canal

Wholesaler at a floating market

Buyer at the floating market






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