Another rong, in Kon Hongo, also just outside Kon Tum Details

Centre of rongs, tall community houses typical for this part of the Vietnamese Highlands.

This is the area of the rongs – tall community houses variously used for ceremonies, meetings, and also for Vietnamese communist party indoctrination classes. These are striking buildings, often attractively decorated inside. Many of the villages around Kon Tum have one or more rongs, often in various states of disrepair, but even in the outskirts of town you’ll find them, plus a the whole traditional village experience.

Rong on the western outskirts of Kon Tum, in Plei Thonghia

Not every rong is in optimal condition

Inside of a rong

Village house in the outskirts of Kon Tum

Oxen span being prepared in one of the villages around Kon Tum

The ubiquitous hammock in a village Details






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