Selection of vegetables in the My Tho market Details

Nice market town in the Mekong delta, focused on island agriculture.

In My Tho the water level variation has more to do with the tide than with the dry and wet seasons. Closer to the coast, located at the wide Tien Giang River, the much bigger, offshore-going fishing boats suggest that this is a Mekong Delta town more oriented towards the sea. Another major business is sand winning, and transport to Ho Chi Min City. Tens of huge sand ships are awaiting high tide. But what most people come to see are the channels that lead into the several islands in the river that are being cultivated with fruit trees. Every inch is being used, quite impressive, especially because the channels itself give you the feeling you are somewhere deep in the jungle.

The bigger, offshore-going fishing boats

My Tho being fairly close to Ho Chi Min City, it gets a lot of day trippers, mostly in large air-conditioned buses,  for the delta experience. These people never see anything of the town itself, they are just being dumped at tour operator’s boat landing, and picked up later again. Which is a pity, because My Tho is a nice little town, with a good atmosphere and an attractive market. Plus a pleasant hotel at the waterfront.


Drying fish in the My Tho market

My Tho market

Cargo vessel being offloaded


Barge loaded with baskets


Sand barges awaiting favourable tide



Some of the access channels for the islands are very narrow

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