Local women on the way home

Stop-over in the Vietnamese Highlands, surrounded by attractive traditional villages.

There is not much to do in town – it is essentially a stop-over in a tour of the Highlands -, but the surrounding area sports several fairly authentic villages with traditional longhouses populated by minorities. In some of the neighbourhoods at the outskirts of the town, there are also traditional houses, but newer and better maintained – tiled roofs instead of corrugated iron or thatched roofs, that sort of thing.

South of town is Lak Lake, quite a nice spot and a good place to tour some of the minority villages, although the tourist industry is prominently present here.

Fishing traps on Lak Lake

Longhouse in a village at the Lak Lake

…and life in between the longhouses

Longhouse at the outskirts of Buan Ma Thuot

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