The Kelimutu volcano on the island of Flores has no less than three crater lakes, all in different colours


Two more crater lakes on Kelimutu

The small village of Moni is the base for exploring Flores’ biggest tourist attraction, the three differently coloured lakes at the top of Kelimutu volcano. In fact, to facilitate the hordes, a tarmac road up the mountain reduces the four-hour climb to a half-hour drive, and a 15 minute stroll across a well-laid path and onto concrete stairs, to Inspiration Point, another concrete monument from where all three lakes are visible.

As with all these attractions, sunrise is touted as the best time to visit, so at 4 am there is a flurry of activities in Moni in preparation of the ascent. In reality, it is probably best to get up much later, and avoid the chill at the top, and the wait until the sun is really high up, which is when the lakes start taking their distinct colours of turquoise, black and brown. And the best place to see the lakes is in fact at the crater rim, where there is a promontory that allows you to sit in between two of the lakes, with a fantastic view – but not for the faint hearted, or those suffering from vertigo, as the crater walls plunge vertically down to lake level, perhaps 100-200 meters below.

Sunrise from the top of Kelimutu volcano

Two more crater lakes on Kelimutu

Crater rim


The divide between double crater lakes

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