Local vegetables in Labuanbaju

Local vegetables in Labuanbaju

Fishing village and base for visits to the Komodo National Park

Labuanbaju is a cute little fishing village with a disproportionate tourist industry, thanks to it being close to the Komodo National Park. Despite this focus, it is still a very pleasant village to while away some time, spent along the waterfront looking at its intricate fishing boats – truly incredible vessels, sort of huge outrigger canoes, with short masts -, or visiting the local fruit and vegetable market.

The village also has an interesting artefact shop.

Fishing boats moored off Labuanbaju in the evening

Fishing boats moored off Labuanbaju in the evening

The jetty of Labuanbaju


Labuanbaju fishing boat

Market woman in Labuanbaju

Woman selling fish at the local market

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