Note: It is not that we have been kidnapped that I have not been posting (thanks for asking), today is the first day we are having internet again, after Ndjamena. So the reporting is a little behind. Whivch will only get worse….

We got our Cameroonian visa yesterday, within a day. Apparently the Embassy in Ndjamena is quite willing to oblige, for a cool EUR 250 per person. The only hiccup was that there was no electricity for a while, and the visa stamps couldn’t be printed. So Alonso, the organiser and the leader of the trip, had to come back today.

There is also further development on the Nigerian visa. Alonso has a contact, called Confidence (really) in Nigeria who, apparently, can arrange the issuing of a business visa at the border. Normally, this is only possible at an international airport, so a whole set of fake flight bookings needs to be created, for which one needs to pay, on top of the cost of this particular visa, US$ 295. I suppose they ask what they want, and there is no guarantee that it will work. Or that we don’t run up additional costs in the process. Or that we get arrested, because we provide false details. You know, we stick to our Plan B, spend some more time in Cameroon, and fly to Benin. It is a pity that we have to abandon the group for a week or so, but everything I hear about Nigeria puts me off more; Alonso was explaining that driving through the country is full of harassments, from police and army road blocks, to fake road blocks manned by bandits. Do I want to pay a lot of money upfront, so that someone can steal the rest of it at gun point, further down the line? Besides, the unrest related to the recent elections and its contested outcome will surely not help to stabilise this country in the next few weeks or months. Nah, we ‘ll give it a miss.

next: a brief excursion to a palace outside Ndjamena

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