A 1563 map of West Africa, of Portuguese origin

How on earth did we get here?

It all started with an email. Kumakondo, a travel agency specialised in Africa journeys, announced that they were organising a ‘transit trip’ through parts of West Africa. I had gotten to know these people because some months ago I wrote an entry for my website on the Democratic Republic of Congo, a place that has fascinated me, but where I’ve never been. Looking for pictures to use, I stumbled upon their site. Asking for permission to use the photos meant that I also agreed to receiving their newsletter, a small price to pay – I thought, then.

doesn’t look excessively comfortable to me…

These people organise adventure trips. To places where normal people not normally go; indeed, like Congo. Their trips are variably described as tough, hardship, endurance, that type of terminology. Not really what the pensionado used to his comfort is waiting for. Or what wives of pensionados, equally appreciating a certain level of comfort, are waiting for.


Against my better judgement I clicked on the button asking for more information.

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