water point for the fire brigade, in Monrovia

This trip is quickly bleeding to death. We already don’t refer to it as an expedition anymore, this is a walk in the park, with rather too many rest days. We are supposed to go to The Gambia afterwards, to recover from a strenuous journey, but by the time we arrive, we will be well rested.

We haven’t done anything interesting since Elmina, in Ghana. Intermittently, we have these crazy, ten hour or more driving days, with minimal stopping, just pushing on to make miles. And then we stop, in Grand Bassam, for further visas, and now in Monrovia, again for visas – visas not even relevant for this trip. Some of us continue after the end of the trip, in Sierra Leone, to Guinea Conakry, from where they fly back. And for some reason, Alonso has decided to apply for Guinea visas in Monrovia. And then manages to arrive during the Easter weekend! Why not earlier, in Abidjan, where we would have enjoyed an attractive city, or later, in Freetown, in Sierra Leone? Beats me. When I dare voicing my disappointment in the group app, I get publicly derided by Alonso. Short fuse.

another street view of Monrovia

The visas aren’t done yet. We need to stay another night. We already ran out of options yesterday, there is simply nothing of interest here. We wait, in our guesthouse, where I try to catch up with this diary. We get to one of the resorts for an ice coffee and cake. We find a beach restaurant, for a fabulous grilled lobster. At least something positive, on this day wasted.

Next: on the move again

and one more of those: it makes for good colour contrasts

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One Response to 11 April 2023

  1. Thea Oudmaijer says:

    You don’t like waisting days I suppose.
    Maybe next time you arrange it yourself so you can make your own choices in stead of Alonso🤪

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