Let’s first sort out the tickets. Not a big deal really, the ticket sites that normally work to find the cheapest tickets for your city break, they also work for tickets further afield. Just funny that a ticket Paris – N’Djamena (Chad’s capital, which I could not have named, either, before we started to think about this trip) is actually about 100 Euros more expensive than if we fly from Amsterdam, via Paris, same plane. I had wanted to take a train to Paris – less flying, you know -, but a same day train will actually arrive too late to catch the N’Djamena flight. Departure date 5th of March, that’s just two months away!

I buy some extra flexibility on the Freetown – Banjul flight (Freetown is the end station of our organised trip, in Sierra Leone, Banjul is the capital of The Gambia), one doesn’t know exactly when we will arrive in Freetown. And I book the return flight from Dakar, on the 2nd of May, almost two months after we leave, having covered eleven countries in the process. Sounds a bit like Americans doing Europe, the sort of thing we always laugh about here – “it is Wednesday, so this must be France, right?”. Aren’t we going to do exactly the same, in West Africa?

Next: 10 Jan.

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2 Responses to 2 Jan. 2023

  1. Thea Oudmaijer says:

    Yes it’s the same and it’s not the way of travelling you always did before!

    • oudmayer says:

      Ha Ha, hopefully we will have a bit more distinguishing capacity, Thea, otherwise we might as well go home after a week, again! Watch this space!

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