Although everybody in Mamasa claims that there is no transport from Mamasa to Tana Toraja, there is in fact a Jeep, and perhaps more than one, that leaves Mamasa on market day, Monday, for Ponding (from where you can get bemos to Bittuang and Makale and Rantepao). Pak Agusilam, tel. xxx, and owner of the Sistra guesthouse (see: Mamasa accommodation) as well as the restaurant of the same name, has the contact.

Be prepared for a rough trip, of uncertain duration: if all goes well you leave around 10 am, and arrive in Ponding three hours later, but all goes seldom well, which means that you may have to overnight in a homestay in Ponding, or next village Paku (eg friendly Pak Ruben, at the entry of Paku to the left side of the road), or Bittuang.

date: November 2013

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