Extensive salt flats in between high Andes peaks in the NW of Argentina.

In the North West of Argentina (as well as in Bolivia) large inland lakes, without drainage, have transformed themselves in extensive salt flats as the lake water evaporated in this ultra-dry desert climate.

the typical cracked surface of salt

salt is being mined…..

….. packaged….

Salt craft artist

The salt is actively mined, albeit on a small scale, and it is also used to craft lots of small sculptures, a more recent development no doubt linked to the increasing tourist industry. This crafting is a rather basic process, but nevertheless produces cute results. Other popular products included salt crystals, and – believe it or not – bath salt, sold in a little glass pot.

The road to the Salinas Grandes, past the village of Purmamarca on the way to Chile, allows for some spectacular scenery, as well.

ragged rock formations on Ruta 52 to Salinas Grandes

single cactus along the way

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