Lots of activity in the harbour

Well-organised beach town with picturesque fishing harbour and somewhat artificial Cham ruins.

Kilometers of white, if coarse, sand. Hundreds of hotels, restaurants, bars. Hawkers trying to sell sunglasses, books, food, anything you can think of. Tourists everywhere – but not that many. Nha Trang is the preeminent beach resort of Vietnam, yet it is actually a very pleasant place, with all the amenities of a beach resort, except the over-crowdedness. All very small scale, except for this enormous beach. And then there are plenty of almost deserted sandy islands offshore, too!

Lunch on the beach

Nha Trang beach, high season



Nha Trang also has some Cham towers. Quite different from My Son, these ones are heavily restored, and come with dancing and music performance, and busloads of tourists, the four kilometers to town easily covered. All a little artificial. Far more attractive, in fact, are the fishing boats in the harbour, next to the towers, and in the river mouth: far more picturesque.

Fishing boats Details

More fishing boats Details

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