display in Abu Eyad Al Mantra date shop

The thing to do in Nizwa: visit a date shop, and – as a minimum – try!

There are actually quite a few date shops in and around the Nizwa souq, but the shop of Abu Eyad Al Manthri is our favourite. At least 10 to 12 different types of dates, some sweeter, some a little less sweet, some darker coloured, some lighter, are displayed, and toothpicks are available throughout the shop, for obvious purposes. Abu Eyad makes you try much more than you had wanted; all are nice, of course, but the Suwari dates, from Saudi Arabia, are in a different league, both in terms of taste as well as price. There is an incredible variety in products, all derived from dates: date paste, and date-cubes with sesame seeds, and with rasped coconut, all delicious. We settle for a box of fresh dates, butter-soft, and various other boxes and pots. Abu Eyad, in the meantime, serves coffee, in between attending the stream of other tourists – this is obviously a popular place. Rightfully so.

part of the dates selection

and the various products derived from dates

the shop, and its basic product

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