Nujiang river valley

Should you wish to travel to the Nujiang Valley, access to the first town, Liuku, which is a reasonable overnight stop, is from Baoshan, 3-4 hours by bus. The Liuku bus station is on west bank, where you also find a few new hotels, one very close to the bus station. But the older, and much more lively part of town, is across the bridge on the east bank, where there is also plenty accommodation, and an ATM.

Fugong is the natural next overnight stop, 4-5 hours north of Liuku (although you can press on to Goshan, another 4 hours further north – but note that journeys easily take longer, if traffic, roadworks or landslides work against you). The road first stays on the west-bank of the river, and halfway Fugong, crosses the Nu River to continue on the east-bank, all the way to Goshan – important for choosing your seat on the bus, obviously the view of the river is the more attractive one. A simple, centrally located hotel in Fugang is on the main road, 100 m back from the bus station on your left, but I am sure there are many other options.

There are lots of accommodation options in Goshan, too, 4 hours further upstream. There is, as far as I know, no direct bus to Bingzhongluo, so in Goshan you need to change to another bus, which departs not necessarily from the place where your bus from Fugong dropped you.

The road between Goshan and Bingzonghluo runs along the west-bank, again, and the bus takes some 2 hours. In Bingzhongluo, several hotels and hostels line the only one street, as well as the side street towards the river, where the bus stops.

Contrary to what guide books and several websites say, there is – or at least was, when we were there – no direct bus to Liuku, or Fugong, from Bingzhongluo, you will once again need to change in Goshan.

‘one street’ Gongshan, just to give you an idea

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